The unforgettable “HomeTown”

Hey Friends ,

We all know the term ‘ Hometown’. We all might been living in HomeTown or somewhere in the globe, we usually give information for ours birthplace. For instance, if someone ask us” where from you are?” You definitely say”I’m from ______.”Actually, Hometown is that place holds the countless memories of childhoodπŸ™…πŸ€¦πŸ“

Similarly, I’m gonna talk about my Hometown where I spent my entire childhood and enjoying my youth.

A person learn everything from native place whether it is first step or matureness. It is a isolation for child to live in hometown .

The above picture is the image of street near my my home. It is street where I used to play and broken lots of Glass of windows not only of own home but also neighbor 😜😜😜

It is image of my roof where I often enjoy to see sunset. I make me intend to capture the sights. In my all the picture one common things are the huge trees 🌲 which are saw just life side to sunset 🌞.

Here I will see you some funny picture of poses which me & my brother usually made during photography πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

It is my shadow in water, well I know the “Law of Reflection”🀫🀫

Now Is……………,………….

Actions of jovality mood represented by open arms to sun😊

That all about my Hometown. Just a brief journey……………

Photo captured by me.

When I enter into “18”

Well, age of a person is continues, it tends to very with time. It might be stop if you feel alone and afraid with yourself. Just like me, now, I’m in my earlier eighteen. I heard it is soft age means age of monitor mind and body sense. I used to be a polite nature before 18 may be my hesitation or childhood.

A lots of alteration occur when I enter in 18. I look everything with libra, means everything has two side first is positive and another is negative. It is not my own philosophy , actually it is nature of mind to think reciprocal. For instance, I am participating in compitation I know everything regarding it, I’m sure I’ll win it easily but If wouldn’t be able to win then.

This is psychology of brain
“Thought process of mind”

Same as me, I start thinking about career, outcomes of my works, my personality. Initially I was in dilemma about changes of moto and cognitive, I came realize after they are natural. It happense with everybody I am not exception. I understand myself deeply in these days, I don’t think I might be interesting to tell this. But I learnt plethora of things from 18. I look the outer world, world of fake showoff assistance with my father.

My sense told me “I”.

I scold myself.