When I enter into “18”

Well, age of a person is continues, it tends to very with time. It might be stop if you feel alone and afraid with yourself. Just like me, now, I’m in my earlier eighteen. I heard it is soft age means age of monitor mind and body sense. I used to be a polite nature before 18 may be my hesitation or childhood.

A lots of alteration occur when I enter in 18. I look everything with libra, means everything has two side first is positive and another is negative. It is not my own philosophy , actually it is nature of mind to think reciprocal. For instance, I am participating in compitation I know everything regarding it, I’m sure I’ll win it easily but If wouldn’t be able to win then.

This is psychology of brain
“Thought process of mind”

Same as me, I start thinking about career, outcomes of my works, my personality. Initially I was in dilemma about changes of moto and cognitive, I came realize after they are natural. It happense with everybody I am not exception. I understand myself deeply in these days, I don’t think I might be interesting to tell this. But I learnt plethora of things from 18. I look the outer world, world of fake showoff assistance with my father.

My sense told me “I”.

I scold myself.